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holy shit

look at this

I don’t even know where to begin.

I expected that outcome. I knew what was going to happen. I still couldn’t help screaming and hurting myself when it happened.



Sam is such a grumpy little brother here and Dean just gives him a minute to calm down. It’s actually adorable.

#Winchesters#actually that’s not at all what’s going on here#I have seen some awesome meta about this scene that basically broke me#we all know that Lucifer runs cold not hot#so to Sam suddenly waking up in ice cold water would be more of hell flashback#all that flailing around is him trying to defend himself#and Dean knows it#he’s giving him space yes#but space to compose himself and come back from the flashback#it may look cute but it is anything but (via baronsamediswife)

I think I got it woot! Editing and posting tomorrow. The next chapter is going to be just slightly shorter than normal, but kind of has to stop where it does or it would be a monster of a chapter, so it’ll just have to be on the light side. Writing is hard.


(Happy Belated Birthday gift for the wonderful jimmynovakisaved. I hope you had a lovely day, Fea, and continue to have lovely days for always <3)

(HS!AU, baseball player!Dean)

After school, Cas goes to the baseball field to finish the night’s homework - or at least, to pretend to work on homework. The high school baseball team practices there at the same time, and Dean Winchester, outfielder and star hitter, steals all of Cas’s attention.

Cas has quietly crushed on Dean from afar since they were assigned lockers next to each other at the start of the year. Dean has a warm, contagious smile and only two pictures in his locker - one of him with his parents, mom beaming proud, and the other, him with his younger brother. Dean doesn’t even know Cas’s name, but Cas knows all about Sam.

"He’s the smartest kid in his grade," Dean always says often to anyone within earshot. Nine times out of ten, that’s Cas. "Maybe in the whole school."

"He sounds wonderful, Dean," Cas always replies, even though Dean never seems to hear him, pulled away by someone else before Cas can build up the courage to raise his voice loud enough. Cas stares at Dean’s retreating figure and whispers, "Just like you."

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