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Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
I’m a lonely sailor lost in sea… ticking with the tide
Never quite knowing why
Sometimes it makes no sense at all…

Well, I tried, but thanks to work, I was able to finish the next chapter for 40,000 Miles, but I couldn’t get it edited. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow as I have to be up early to work again, and I kind of need some sleep. I’ll try to post it when I get home in the afternoon though. Too bad I can’t get paid to write fan fiction. That would be fantastic.


(prompt: human!Cas has a wet dream about Dean; Dean confused)

Everything is normal that warm July morning. Dean’s in the kitchen making pancakes on a griddle. Sam’s near the fridge messing with the coffee pot. And Cas is nowhere to be seen, probably sleeping in late as per usual.

Dean smiles at the thought, mighty angel of the Lord snug under too many blankets. He probably snores, too. And drools. And his hair is most likely sticking out all over.

Adorable, Dean thinks and then frowns, chastising himself. He checks to make sure Sam isn’t looking at him; he isn’t.

Cas shuffles into the kitchen right as Dean’s putting some pancakes on a plate and Sam is pouring himself a mug of coffee.

"Can I get you one, Cas?" Sam asks.

"Yes, thank you," Cas replies, voice even deeper and rougher than normal. Dean closes his eyes to recover because hot damn. “Hello, Dean.”

Dean doesn’t whimper - he doesn’t - but he may have just whimpered a little.

Cas walks close to him. Dean thinks he’s headed toward Sam for his coffee but he stops right at Dean’s back. Mouth near Dean’s ear, he whispers, “I enjoyed our time together last night.”

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